Workflows supports lists (or arrays) for storing data.

List definition

Lists can be created in a workflow by being returned as the result of a step or by being defined in an assign step.

Assign Array step

Update list items

You can update the value at an index by using an assign step and index notation.

Update List Items step

my_list(len(my_list) - 1)

Add a new item to the end of a list

You can create a copy of a list with a new element concatenated at the end by using the list.concat function.

Add to Array step

list.concat(my_list, "Kiwi")

Check existence of a key in a list

To check whether a given key is present in a list, use the following expression:

"Kiwi" in my_list

To check whether a key is not in a list, use the not() function:

not("Kiwi" in my_list)